So, what does Bestellen mean anyway? From the Middle Dutch language, today known as German or Dutch, depending who you talk to, Bestellen generally means "to place an order or to serve". So what are you waiting for...?

What kind of food does Bestellen serve? Dry-aged beef, house made charcuterie, produce from local farms, and a medley of global dishes that stem from, well, everywhere and whatever is delicious! 

Do you take reservations? We're cool but not too cool. We accept reservations and welcome walk-ins as well. However, we do recommend calling ahead for large parties or for our "Family Style" Whole Roasted Suckling Pig - we require 72-hours notice.

What time does the kitchen close? We're open Tuesday to Saturday, 6PM 'til late. Closed Sunday & Monday. 

Who is the Chef? Rob Rossi is the Chef, look him up, he's alright I guess.  

What should I wear? Whatever you feel comfortable in, but just remember, you never know who you'll run into that night. 

What about the neighbourhood? We're located on the west end of town, College St. - just west of Dovercourt. What got its name from from the University of Toronto (originally King's College back in 1827) it took the city over 50+ years to extend the streetcar service to our side of town, but it finally made it. With that extension, it led to residential sub-divisions, new businesses and a community that is constantly on the up and up.